The Expendables 3 (2014 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

126 Min | Action – Adventure – Thriller | August 2014

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Director: Patrick Hughes

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li

The Expendables 3 Review: Expendables 3 is certainly action packed and while there is plenty hand to hand knockabout and a lot of people die, but they either quickly fall bloodlessly, or it’s all off screen with a PG13 rating there is no viewing of the actual carnage. There is a nice casual air to the beginning which makes you hope Expendables 3 is going to be the surprise hit movie of the summer. However hampered by the rating, the screener leak and a few other things. Then Banderas walks away with the movie in the final third. If the character of Doc (Snipes) had been more carefully scripted, and given more screen time in the second half of the pic, he would have easily stolen the picture. Sly has shown before he can be a fine dramatic actor when allowed to escape his action hero confines, however here Gibson steals the scenes he shared with him. His hairline is distracting at times, as is his wardrobe. He seems to change clothes every scene.

A big problem is, Sly’s Barney Ross is suddenly invincible. They old man who “just got my ass kicked” in the first movie is long gone. No longer are The Expendables a team, who are there for each other it’s a Barney Ross led gang. And he is fine with doing things on his own. For his brief time on screen Ford brings style to the proceedings and simply radiates presence. Gibson is under used, but he owns a scene with Sly in a Van midway through. It is the stand out scene of the movie and a reminder of how good Gibson can be. He is easily the best villain to grace the franchise. Jason Statham has less to do in Expendables 3 than one might hope, but he gives his usual fine performance as Christmas. Jet Li once again is sadly nothing more than a cameo. If you thought he was under used in Expendables 2, you won’t like how he is used here. Lundgren’s Gunner seemed to be slipping back to the unbalanced guy from the first movie, and Couture just seems happy to be there.

There is an Expendables movie so of course there is a fiery climax, which unfortunately involves some Awful CGI explosions. If Superman IV should have thought film makers anything it is ‘if you have bad special effects, don’t reuse them over and over again.’ There are less jokey references to the stars previous roles than in Expendables 2, and it is much effective than the infinite amount in Expendables 2. It is longer than other two movies, so it gives a bit more time to know the characters. If the rumoured Expendabelles movie is made, Rousey needs to be in it. Her sultry presence and ability to kick ass is perfect for the genre. The fight between Sly and Gibson is too short and is predictable. The climax is also more than slightly ridiculous. Another Expendables movie that continues the trend of the previous two movies, some good parts, some not so good parts. Overall, Expendables 3 is a very good movie, don’t miss it.

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