The Great Escape (1963 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

172 Min. | Adventure – Drama – History | July 1963

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Director: John Sturges

Starring: Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough

The Great Escape Review

In 1942, Allied prisoners of World War II who repeatedly try to escape are placed by the Germans in a maximum security camp called “Stalag Luft III”. As you might expect, they try to escape. Repeatedly. Giving the prisoners a lot of time to meet without supervision, the Germans may be foreshadowing the “Hogan’s Heroes” TV series that poked fun at The Great Escape. Top-billed is super-cool Steve McQueen. He’s always earning himself solitary confinement. You’ll notice Mr. McQueen looks sharper coming out of “The Cooler” than he does going in, sliding his jacket down the wall of the cell without fear of scratching the leather. That’s cool.

In The Great Escape, also billed above the title are super-nice James Garner and mastermind Richard Attenborough, who travels with English-accented Gordon Jackson. Known as a scrounger, Mr. Garner takes commendable action when told his forger pal Donald Pleasance should not go on “The Great Escape” due to a disability. Garner insists on taking his friend, although it will risk the mission – and both their lives. That’s nice. Most valuable players may be muscular Charles Bronson and his blond companion John Leyton. These two tunnel diggers actually love each other, you can’t definitively say they are gay, but you can’t definitively say they aren’t, either. Most surprising are the number of people who actually make it out successfully, with Australian manufacturer James Coburn being the second most likely to succeed, due to his choosing not to travel light. British sailor David McCallum develops ways to disperse dirt, and Angus Lennie is a short-lived favorite.

The Great Escape is one of the Most Overrated Movies Ever. John Sturgess also Directed The Magnificent Seven (1960). So there is The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven, so You know where this Guy’s Head is, way up there in the Clouds, Nowhere near Earth and Reality, just like this Fabrication. This movie is a little long and probably not all that accurate, but “The Great Escape” is a great one.

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