The Man with the Golden Gun (1974 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 350 MB DVD-RIP SQ

125 Min | Action – Adventure – Thriller | December 1974

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Director: Guy Hamilton

Starring: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland

The Man with the Golden Gun Review: Roger Moore’s second outing as Agent 007 puts him against the evil trick shot artist/assassin, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). Hailed by many Connery fans as the film that marked the downfall of the 007 franchise, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ turns out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the entire series and one of the ‘better’ Roger Moore films. ‘Gun’ does take some getting used to, in fact, more times than not, you need to see it a few times to really begin to enjoy the film.

In The Man with the Golden Gun, the cast is great, one of the better ones of the entire series. There are two leading ladies in The Man with the Golden Gun, the wonderful Maud Adams, who would later star in Octopussy (1983), and the terrible Britt Ekland who just acts so dumb and hopeless that it almost angers viewers. The villain Scaramanga is top notch as well as his comical, yet silently evil assistant, Nick Nack, played by French painter Herve Villechaize. The plot of the film is very interesting, the locals are exotic (which is always an extremely important part of a bond film), and Roger Moore continues to develop his character from a Connery-clone to putting his own, charming spin on 007.

The Man with the Golden Gun was used as evidence that the Bond series was wearing out its welcome. Despite trying new things with the character and the formula, the film seems listless and uninspired. It is a low point, but it is also the lull before the rebirth that would come with The Spy Who Loved Me. All-in-all, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ is another good 007 adventure and is quite possibly the 4th best Roger Moore Bond film. Any fan of the series should give it a second look before they hail it as ‘bad’.

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