The Moment When Demi Lovato “Fell in Love” With Joe Jonas

The Moment When Demi Lovato Fell in Love With Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato is taking fans way back to her Disney days.

The singer is giving us all the emotions for this throwback Thursday moment.

In a brand new clip from her upcoming YouTube documentary, “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated”, she and a few friends watched her childhood videos and one of them was from “Camp Rock”.

Demi was able to pick out the exact scene when she fell in love with Joe Jonas in real life!

It is the scene featuring Joe playing guitar by a lake appears on the screen, Demi recalls how it was in this moment the she knew she had major crush on her co-star.

“Oh my God, wait,” she gasped, “This moment I frickin’ fell in love with him.”

Demi said, she and Joe only dated for about a month or two, but she still got a major case of the “awws” watching herself make-out with Joe.

Check out the clip below:

Joe and Demi’s kiss scene in Camp Rock 2.

Have a look:

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