The Pianist (2002 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

150 Min. | Biography – Drama – War | December 2002

IMDB Rating: 8.5

Director: Roman Polanski

Staring: Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Frank Finlay

The Pianist Review: The Pianist is an account of the true life experience of a Polish pianist during WW2, in the context of the deportation of the Jewish community to the Ghetto of Warsaw, a setting virtually absent from all films inspired on WW2. Polanski could have described in more detail the legendary, desperate fighting of the Jewish resistance in the ghetto of Warsaw, or the horrific mass extermination in concentration camps. Instead, The Pianist gains in intensity by displaying the war from the pianist’s own point of view. One cannot help feeling disturbed by the most enthralling scenes of the film, as the isolated pianist tries to ensure his survival in the ghetto and ruins of Warsaw, hiding and fleeing, moving from one bombed house to the next, gradually becoming a shadow of his former self, hungry and afraid.

Does The Pianist raise any sympathy from the audience? Not immediately. The pianist is more than often a drifting character, almost a witness of other people’s and his own horrors. He seems to float and drift along the film like a lost feather, with people quickly appearing and disappearing from his life, some helping generously, others taking advantage of his quiet despair, always maintaining an almost blank, dispassionate demeanour. One may even wonder why we should care in the least about this character. But we do care. That is, the secret to this film’s poetry.

Overall, The Pianist is one of the most detailed and shocking accounts of the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, with the atmosphere in Warsaw well captured and believable. Quite possibly, The Pianist will remain in the history of film-making as the most touching and realistic portraits of the holocaust ever made. Polanski’s film deserves a strong presence in the 2003 Oscar nominations, including a nomination for Adrien Brody’s amazing performance, Polanski’s sublime direction, best adapted screenplay and, obviously, best picture. This could be, at last, Polanski’s long awaited, triumphal comeback to the high and mighty Hollywood.

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