The Shining (1980 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

146 Min. | Drama – Horror | October 1980

IMDB Rating: 8.4

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd

The Shining Review

Chilling, majestic piece of cinematic fright, The Shining combines all the great elements of an intellectual thriller, with the grand vision of a director who has the instinctual capacity to pace a moody horror flick within the realm of his filmmaking genius that includes an eye for the original shot, an ice-cold soundtrack and an overall sense of dehumanization. The Shining cuts through all the typical horror movies like a red-poker through a human eye, as it allows the viewer to not only feel the violence and psychosis of its protagonist, but appreciate the seed from which the derangement stems. One of the scariest things for people to face is the unknown and The Shining presents its plotting with just that thought in mind.

The setting is perfect, in a desolate winter hideaway. The quietness of the moment is a character in itself, as the fermenting aggressor in Jack Torrance’s mind wallows in this idle time, and breeds the devil’s new playground. The Shining is a perfect example of this very thought. And it is within this film’s subtle touches of the canvas, the clackity-clacks of the young boy’s big wheel riding along the empty hallways of the hotel, the labyrinthian garden representing the mind’s fine line between sane and insane, Kubrick’s purposely transfixed editing inconsistencies, continuity errors and set mis-arrangements, that we discover a world guided by the righteous and tangible, but coaxed away by the powerful and unknown.

All in all, The Shining captures your attention with its grand form and vision, ropes you in with some terror and eccentric direction, and ties you down and stabs you in the heart with its cold-eyed view of the man’s mind gone overboard, creepy atmosphere and the loss of humanity. The Shining is tops for horror movies in my opinion, beating the snot out of crap like the Ring and The Blair Witch Project. It may be a oldie, but is definitely a goodie.

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