The Spy Who Loved Me (1977 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 350 MB DVD-RIP

125 Min | Action – Adventure – Crime | July 1977

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Starring: Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curd Jürgens

The Spy Who Loved Me Review: The Spy Who Loved Me is directed by Lewis Gilbert and adapted to screenplay by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum from the novel written by Ian Fleming. It stars Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curt Jurgens, Richard Kiel and Walter Gotell. In The Spy Who Loved Me music is scored by Marvin Hamlisch and cinematography by Claude Renoir. Bond 10. Allied and Soviet nuclear submarines are mysteriously disappearing from the waters and causing friction between the nations. MI6 and the KGB have a notion that a third party is responsible and stirring up trouble for their own nefarious means. 007 is partnered with Soviet spy Major Anya Amasova and the pair are tasked with getting to the bottom of the plot before the crisis escalates.

The Spy Who Loved Me is Moore’s best Bond film, not necessarily his best Bond performance, but as a movie The Spy Who Loved Me’s near faultless, it gets all the main ingredients right. Gadgets and humour were previously uneasy accompaniments to James Bond as a man, but here they serve to enhance his persona, never taking away his tough bastard edge. The suspense and high drama is back in The Spy Who Loved Me, for the first time in a Roger Moore Bond film things are played right, we don’t think we are watching an action comedy, but an action adventure movie, what little lines of humour are here are subtle, not overt and taking away from the dramatic thrust.

The Spy Who Loved Me also features a great cast that are led by a handsome, and in great shape, Moore. Barbara Bach (Triple X) is not only one of the most beautiful Bond girls ever, she’s expertly portraying a femme of substance, intelligent, brave and committed to the cause, she is very much an equal to Bond, and we like that. The accent may be a shaky, but it’s forgivable when judging Bach’s impact on the picture. Jurgens as Stromberg is a witty villain, but he oozes despotic badness, sitting there in his underwater lair deliciously planning to start a new underwater world. Kiel as Jaws, the man with metal teeth, he too moved into Bond folklore, a scary creation clinically realised by the hulking Kiel. Overall, The Spy Who Loved Me is an excellent movie. Enjoy it.

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