The Wedding Singer (1998 – Free Download) English-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

95 Min. | Comedy – Romance | June 1998

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Director: Frank Coraci

Staring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor

The Wedding Singer Review: The Wedding Singer and Punch Drunk Love standout from typical Sandler movies is two important ways. The humor is subtler in these movies, and Sandler is much more subdued. Critics actually like these two movies. The Wedding Singer is a pretty average romantic story that wins because of funny performances and the ever elusive “chemistry” between Sandler and Barrymore. This was the first movie that taught what romantic chemistry was. While you’re watching it you not only want the characters Robbie and Julia to get together, but you want Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to get together. The chemistry is that strong. A reason people, especially guys, don’t like romance movies is because often the love between the leads seem contrived and forced.

Thankfully, The Wedding Singer steers clear from that, and actually allows you to have an emotional stake in the characters. Sadly, The Wedding Singer is slightly forgettable, as it merely succeeds in its goals but fails to impress. However, it’s great fun while it lasts and you’ll always have a fond, if somewhat faded, memory of the movie. This quirky film has everything – lots and lots of comedy, a nice touch of romance, some violence and a hint of sadness now and again. Oh and it also stars 2 of the most charming actors – Drew Barrymore, as Julia and Adam Sandler, as Robbie.

Their on-screen chemistry is very remarkable to watch and their individual charm is most appealing. The Wedding Singer is set in the 80’s and is a great nostalgic piece for that time period – in all is cheesiness and glory! Sandler as the Wedding Singer will surprise you with his musical talents. And musicians who have run the gamut of various music-related jobs will have extra giggles. And of course Barrymore will dazzle you with her cuteness and poise. The Wedding Singer will leave you in stitches! And a must see.

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