Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (2015 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-SCR

130 Min. | Action – Adventure – Mystery | May 2015

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Director: Brad Bird

Staring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Review: Tomorrowland is a the new Disney adventure movie brought to you by Director Brad Bird. Starring Britt Robertson, George Clooney, Hugh Lorrie and Raffey Cassidy. You know when you get that game and it’s just stupid and violent fun. And for the first 2 days of owning it all you do is just mess about on free roam and kill people and have a ton of fun? Instead of actually doing something meaningful? Well that’s kind of like the first 50 minutes of this movie. It doesn’t really do anything. It’s just the main character having fun and exploring this new place and doing crazy stuff outside of this place. There wasn’t any character development in the first act, but it wasn’t relevant, the beginning of this movie was more like an explorer type thing. The first act was more about exploring the environment that Bird had created, rather than jumping straight into its story.

Not only is this movie brilliantly directed but acted as well. Britt Robertson had to pretty much lead the movie for most of it and she did a very good job at doing so. George Clooney’s presence on screen is as ever demanding as he was in his earlier movies. But the real star for me is Athena, played by Raffey Cassidy. She was so mature in her ability and her presence was as if she’s been acting for years. She spoke like an adult, with conviction and her connection with Clooney was like watching a bickering married couple and she pulled it off perfectly. The 3rd act of this movie was extremely disappointing to me. Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, is more about the journey of getting to Tomorrowland rather than it being about life on there. When they do get there and the movies villain is revealed it felt very underwhelming.

The journey to Tomorrowland was well told, it was unique, lighthearted, funny and charming. But when they finally got there it just felt like a completely different movie. Kids will love it, adults will love it and it’s a great movie for a family day out. Ultimately, however, “Tomorrowland” plays less like a commentary on a avoiding an inevitably dystopian human future than an introspective view of the current state of Disney itself; a utopian notion gone awry without its visionary to guide it. Amid its fantastic visuals and caffeinated storytelling is a much simpler notion – that someone recognizes Disney, itself, is a little bit broken, replacing its simple stories and animations for explosions and grand effects, and aspiring to recruit contemporary visionaries to help it regain its lost way. Can humanity regain its lost way? Can Disney? In its own, heartfelt and sincere, IMAX-inspired way, “Tomorrowland” aspires to put the question out there. Ultimately, it provides no answer, it offers only the hope of one, and an uncomfortable one at that.

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