Varudu (2010 – Free Download) Telugu-Hindi 300 MB DVD-SCR

150 Min. | Action – Crime – Drama | March 2010

IMDB Rating: 3.6

Director: Gunasekhar

Staring: Suhasini, Sayaji Shinde, Singeetham Srinivasa Rao

Varudu Review: Varudu is about hero marrying a girl according to the customs and traditions. Suddenly on the day of marriage bride is kidnapped and why she is kidnapped and who kidnapped and hero bringing her back is the script. Allu arjun is glamorous in the groom get up and second half his costumes are weak. His acting is as usual and this time less stylish rather than action mood and anger dominates. Bhanu mehra is the surprise terror of Varudu. Keeping her surprise had no sense and it was a stale attempt. She did not get a better role. So her performance is unaccounted.

Arya, the villain for Varudu is perfect. But his characterization failed. He was none other than a man with psychic character and muscular show off. Hero’s mother and father had a role to perform. Marriage songs were good. Art department excelled in portions. Second numbers had perfect CGI effects. Rest songs came and went. Director had come up with a nice plot. But failed to execute it in the second half. In Varudu, the screenplay was good in 1st half. The second half faltered.

Varudu begins well and has mixed responses till interval. But the doubt is clear in the second half. Its a dumb and profound movie that had nothing but routine work. Story is predictable just before interval. Music is good in parts. Background score had no grip. Re recording and DTS mix had effects in the climax battle. Its a under dosed packed entertainer with laziness seen in the direction. Overall, Varudu is one time watchable.

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