Waiting for Forever (2011 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 375 MB DVD-RIP

95 Min. | Drama – Romance | February 2011

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Director: James Keach

Staring: Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge, Richard Jenkins

Waiting for Forever Review: A unique love story about friendship and a view of the world from different perspectives, Waiting for Forever explores the connections people make in the face of life’s changes. Best friends while they were growing up, Emma (Rachel Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) lost touch a long time ago-as far as she knows. To Will, Emma never stopped being the most important person in his life. Believing them to be forever linked, he goes wherever she goes. Will doesn’t have a home, a car, or a “real” job. He survives on his talent as a juggler and entertainer-talents honed through years of showing off for Emma. When her father gets sick, Emma returns to their hometown, trying to leave behind her complicated love life and failing career as a TV actress. Will follows her and decides to once and for all talk with Emma about his feelings.

Waiting for forever is a sweet little independent film. Perfect to watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s probably a great choice for a first date but it’s not much more then that. It’s a very simplistic story and although it is entertaining and moves at a good pace there’s never real insight into the characters. In fact, most characters are two-dimensional. As for the acting, nothing outstanding here but overall satisfactory. Rachel Bilson’s acting skills are very limited but she always does an OK job. On the other hand, Tom Sturridge was great. His character was not an easy one but he played it very well. Again, the script is to blame for the character’s flaws because as far as the way the role was played, it couldn’t have been better. Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner did the best they could with what they were given.

Will’s unrelenting pursuit of the love of his life, Emma, unnerves some viewers due to their belief that he is a stalker. However, when his difficult childhood is considered, it is clear that will did not emotionally mature in the same way Emma did, and he lives in a blissfully optimistic, and somewhat ignorant world in which love is not only the prevailing emotion, but the reason for life itself. The movies departure from archetypal and stereotypical characters and themes keeps it refreshingly fresh and keeps the viewer focused on the harsh divide between the realities of adult life and the innocent ideals of youth. The film’s primary drawback is its tendency to become melodramatic at times – as is expected with the romantic genre. These melodramatic scenes detract slightly from the realism of the movie, but not to a large enough extent to weaken the movie’s quality or message substantially. Overall, it’s a sweet little love story but you shouldn’t watch Waiting for Forever with high expectations.

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