What We Did on Our Holiday (2014 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP

95 Min. | Comedy – Drama | September 2014

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Directors: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin

Staring: Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Billy Connolly

What We Did on Our Holiday Review: What makes this movie a hoot? Three adorable children who comprehend the world with their own little brains, see relationships with their own beady innocent eyes, and act on their reckless instincts and innocent unbloomed knowledge. What We Did on Our Holiday is a delightful perspective into the abyss of the broken that skims its aftermath gorgeously. David Tennant looks the right kind of perplexed in the comedy trying to figure out his children and marriage whilst Rosamund Pike complements him beautifully with her engaged acting. Ben Miller as Gavin is brilliant as well. Billy Connolly ices the funny storyline with his pizazz and brilliant comic timing.

In What We Did on Our Holiday, brilliant acting by all 3 children. Many clever lines that had the audience laugh out loud. Super Scottish scenery and great advert for Wester Ross as a wonderful escape location, Slightly contrived happy ever after resolution but good light hearted family viewing. Great ostriches. And a view of kids grasp of the adult world. Enjoy the violin playing and jig at the end but bring air plugs for the practice sessions. Traditional portrayal of Scottish rural police. Imrie is in her element as a small character role, heart warming. Good look at family dynamics and relationships. Connolly plays a wonderful loving Grandfather who shows wise approach to difficult members of his family as he comes face to face with his own death.

The screenplay is witty, subtle and snappy. The good thing about its humour is that the entire film, unlike other comedies, is not build on a slapstick foundation. The theme of the movie sometimes goes really thoughtful from sheer comedy which further furbishes the rhythm. In What We Did on Our Holiday, the plot will make you giggle per se without any extra addition to the story. If you look at the downsides, sometimes you do hope the drama to be a little bit more grave. It lacks profundity, but considering it a Comedy, this fact can be overlooked. A brilliant comedy that is compelled to traverse the ‘outstanding category’ by the mere cuteness rush of Harriet Turnbull and Bobby Smalldridge. This Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin project is a definite go go!

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