Zulu (2013 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 375 MB DVD-RIP

110 Min. | Crime – Drama – Thriller | December 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Director: Jerome Salle

Staring: Orlando Bloom, Forest Whitaker, Tanya van Graan

Zulu Review: Zulu is not a remake of the ’64 movie because of having the same name, but a story based on a novel of the same name. It is about the secret ethical war waged by the militant party against the Nelson Mandela’s national party that set in the present South Africa. The theme was kind of true, but not the story which is totally a fictional. Zulu talks about the unclassified mission, which is planned to solve the issue by a gang. As a socio-political suspense movie, does it fulfill what we expect? The answer is yes only if you do not desire for much bigger level like ‘Bourne’ movies. A young boy Sokhela who witnessed the murder of his father escapes from the scene. After the years later the country is forgotten what happened in the past, the racism is abolished. The 50 year-old Sokhela is now a police officer live with his mother. He is assigned to a recent homicide case. He and his men follow the clue which leads them to a drug dealer, which changes the plan and pace of the movie and appears to be a bigger conspiracy than they had expected.

Zulu is a visceral and hard hitting film set in Cape Town. During the Apartheid era filming in South Africa was not allowed although that did not stop some stars from committing pro celebrity sanctions busting. Yet since the ending of apartheid very few films have been made actually set in South Africa. Those filmmakers that complied with the rules had to go to another African country and sometimes it never felt like South Africa and Cape Town presents challenges as Table Mountain is such an imposing part of the city. This feels like Cape Town, the opening scenes at Kirstenbosch gardens on the foot of the Table mountain. A slimmed down Forest Whitaker plays Ali a person haunted by events in his past and working in a multiracial police force even though his bosses were the racists under the old regime. Orlando Bloom plays Brian, someone who has relationship issues, money issues and issues with his son and ex wife.

Along with the crucial battle between cops and gangster the movie also focuses to tell the story of the personal lives of the lead characters like marital problem and sexual struggle. Fixing the trouble in a relationship, sacrifice, revenge, all comes in the later parts. ‘If you want to make peace with your enemies, work with your enemies. Then they become your partners.’ Good to see Orlando Bloom back in such a heavy role. If there is a sequel to it, then he’s going to take the lead. A life giver for the characters he plays. Initially like all the detective stories the murder mystery was created enough curiosity about the upcoming events including the opening scene. Carried out well till the halfway, when it reveals so the gun fights takes the lead. The second half was a little stumble, but the pace was its advantage. Zulu was better than the recent Hollywood’s cop movies like ‘3 Days to Kill’, ‘Shadow Recruit’ etc. Overall Zulu is a decent movie, which mostly favors because it was executed better.

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